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York Screw Compressors

York screw compressors have emerged as one of the most popular screw compressors in the entire industry. Screw compressors do an excellent job of producing the exact amount of pressure for an HVAC or refrigeration system to function efficiently. There is also a long list of advantages when you choose a screw compressor made by York.


One of the most distinct advantages of a York screw compressor is how smoothly it functions. This has a great deal to do with its consistent motion, which results in a significant noise reduction while also keeping the overall system free from surges. There may still be some vibration, but the design does not have the same type of vibrations that exist in compressors driven by pistons. Here are just a few of the advantages that come with a York screw compressor:

Larger Systems and Compressors

Savings can show up in greater amounts when utilizing a York compressor in a larger application. The fact that screw compressors are not a brand-new technology has also kept manufacturing costs down. Because these compressors have become easier to manufacture, they do not carry a hefty price tag. Lower costs and higher energy efficiency have made York screw compressors an easy choice for larger systems.

Remanufactured Screw Compressors

It takes a very seasoned and skilled business to remanufacture York screw compressors and that is because the tolerances are tight. There is little room for error when it comes to tolerance and just a smidgen can lead to failures during the quality check part of the process. The high standards established by City Compressor’s production of screw compressors demand the remanufacturing process be done with precision. Every York screw compressor model has its own specifications, which must be followed exactly. The professionals at City Compressors have the skill, training and experience to perfect the remanufacturing of York screw compressors. Our team will cover every minute detail to ensure our York screw compressors are operating just like new. Affordable prices and expert craftsmanship come with all our York screw compressors.

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