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York is one of the leading manufacturers of HVAC compressors as it first began producing these products almost a century ago. Since 1925, York has been continually improving its chiller and compressors to maintain pace with the changes in technology. York has been manufacturing centrifugal compressors for more than half a century and includes other varieties, which include the following:

York compressors are the heart of each system as it does an excellent job of circulating refrigerant. There is also additional internal protection which allows them to function under extreme weather conditions and pressure. The company headquarters are in the city of York, Pennsylvania and have maintained that location since the company’s inception.

Compressor Product Variety

York has multiple compressors available that have all different BTU levels. Choosing the right BTU level depends upon the specific space that is looking to be cooled. There are tandem compressor configurations also available.

York screw compressors have gained widespread usage and popularity as they are a quieter running compressors. This is due to the fact that there are no pulsations of gas. The design of this position compressor has made it effective in terms of low noise volume. For that reason, many businesses continue to choose this product.

York also provides the option of choosing compressors that operate at two speeds. There is even the added feature of utilizing an air handler that has variable speeds. Combined with the efficiency of York compressors, this serves to provide a top-quality cooling experience.

Choosing The Right Compressor For The Job

There are various reasons to select between a York reciprocating and a York screw compressor. There are some of the same characteristics in both varieties as it relates to charge level and cooling. Screw versions use a bit more superheat, which leads to a rise in subcooling.

There are even more technical aspects that can assist in the decision-making process, although choosing a York compressor can be the most advantageous choice in the process. And the long-term existence and effectiveness of York compressors have made them a popular choice for a number of decades.

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