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Screw Compressors

City Compressor sells a wide array of Trane, Carrier and York screw compressors to meet the demands of most commercial and light industrial applications. Our screw compressors range in horsepower from 35 to 100. Each of our screw compressors come completely ready for use. The advantage of screw compressors are:

When you choose one of our remanufactured screw compressors, there will be additional savings with the same reliability. Screw compressors are advantageous because they feature a high cooling capacity. This type of compressor can be used for many applications that are both commercial and industrial in nature. These compressors are also available in the following speed drives:

There are several benefits that come with choosing a screw compressor and those include safety, ease of maintenance, and energy efficiency. All the remanufactured compressors offered at City Compressor also come with a high level of reliability.

Trained and Experienced professionals

The technology that goes into screw compressors is readily understood at City Compressor, which allows us to conduct compressor remanufacture with tremendous ease. This involves a very detailed process, one in which our team is thoroughly skilled. That is why we are able to offer top-quality screw compressors at affordable prices.

Compressor remanufacturing is what we specialize in at City Compressor. No matter what kind of screw compressor you are looking for, we have something that can match your needs. There has been a rise in demand for screw compressors in the past few years, which is reason enough to look into all our compressor remanufacture that are offered at City Compressor.

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