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Semi-hermetic Compressors

City Compressor offers an extensive line of semi-hermetic remanufactured compressors. These compressors are used for commercial and light industrial refrigeration and HVAC applications

City Compressor has a vast line of semi-hermetic compressors which include the following:

There are lots of reasons to choose one of our compressors. The benefits run deep and here is a look at some of the advantages that come with choosing a semi-hermetic compressor from City Compressor.

It is also important to note that semi-hermetic compressors have an advantage over hermetic compressors because they can be remanufactured with ease. The expert technicians at City Compressor provide expert troubleshooting that results in remanufactured semi-hermetic compressors that function like new. Our large surplus of compressors will allow us to meet the demands of all businesses seeking out a semi-hermetic compressor. We also offer excellent warranty options and quick turnaround times.

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