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All refrigeration and HVAC systems require a specific compressor which is the heart of the system. When the time comes to replace the compressor, City Compressor can provide an affordable solution as we offer a wide range of remanufactured and new compressors. We also offer 24-hour turnaround time and warranties with each item. Our compressor remanufacturing include the top manufacturers in the industry and the following varieties are available:

The process of rebuilding compressors at City Compressor is very detailed and meticulous. Our team of technicians at City Compressor have a vast amount of experience rebuilding HVAC & refrigeration reciprocating compressors. The importance of identifying the proper model number of the compressor is something we attend to in great detail. All parts and accessories are equivalent to or exceed OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) standards.

HVAC & Refrigeration compressor pricing is also extremely affordable at City Compressor. Many compressors may eventually fail due to system related problems. Once those problems are address and fixed, shopping for an alternative new OEM produced compressor can become rather expensive, which is why purchasing a remanufactured compressor is an economical option.

When you choose an HVAC or Refrigeration compressor from City Compressor, there is a high level of quality put into the remanufacturing process. That involves eight steps that are each undertaken with extreme detail. However, we do not sacrifice time as our experienced technicians can expedite rebuilds to meet tight time crunches. Contact us today for the best HVAC & Refrigeration semi hermetic and screw compressors in Charlotte. Don’t forget about our new scroll line addition providing brand new scrolls that can take the place of Copeland, Danfoss, Panasonic among other scroll compressors easily.

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