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The compressor is the primary component of an HVAC or refrigeration unit. Not all compressors are created equal and that is why certain brands have been able to achieve high levels of performance and notoriety. This has resulted in Trane becoming an industry leader when it comes to rotary compressors used in air conditioning. There are several compressors produced by Trane and they include the following:

Trane compressors are used in both the residential and commercial sectors. These are versatile compressors that can meet the need of any application. Comfort is optimized and there is no need to worry about any degrading performance or freezing when using a Trane compressor.

Trane compressors are relatively easy to install and its controllers have developed a reputation for being very reliable. As a result, Trane compressors provide better efficiency and higher comfort levels.

Trane compressors operate with a minimal amount of noise and that has a lot to do with the sound insulators installed in most units. Its operating efficiency has earned it the most acclaim as its specifications are all very precise.

Reliability & Funtionality

Trane compressors have proven reliable and that is because of the meticulous way the entire unit has been designed. Trane compressors can attribute a portion of its reliability to its variable speed feature. This also controls airflow distribution and ensures appropriate system capacity. The reliability of Trane compressors also has a lot to do with their capability of handling stress.

At City Compressor, there is a high level of quality in Trane compressors, as well as its parts, which provide extended life to a remanufactured Trane compressor. This longevity gives plenty of cooling and comfort in store for years to come.

Trane has developed numerous compressors throughout its history, which has led to precise operations that provide a high level of value. Trane compressors can be found on rooftops, in terminal units, as well as a variety of other locations.

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