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Trane Screw Compressors

Trane has developed a prominent place in the compressor industry and that includes producing a variety of quality screw compressors. However, the Trane screw compressor continues to be one of the most sought-after compressors on the market.

Trane first began producing screw compressors in 1987 and that was preceded by a full decade of research and development. Being that Trane has been around for so long, there remains a wealth of OEM parts that make the remanufacturing process extremely successful. Trane screw compressors come with a multitude of benefits, which include the following:

A Unique Quality Of Manufacturing

Trane screw compressors are also referred to as rotary compressors. One of the top attributes of a Trane screw compressor is that there are no valves or pistons. It functions through the use of a pair of rotors. This pair interlocks and refrigerant surges through the system and is ultimately discharged.

Trane continues to upgrade the quality of its screw compressors and that also includes all its components. Trane screw compressors are also a very popular choice among business owners. For that reason, there is a high demand for remanufactured Trane screw compressors and City Compressors will make sure you have the model you need at an affordable price.

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