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Carrier Screw Compressors

The Carrier - Carlyle - Totaline name needs no introduction when it comes to screw compressors. It is one of the leading manufacturers of screw compressors and that has stemmed from decades of high performance and reliability.

The Carrier screw compressor is known for its easy application. Additionally, it is extremely reliable and has a high level of efficiency. Its compatibility is also another reason it has earned an esteemed reputation. These compressors have high efficiency and the capability of reducing costs. There are many businesses that use Carlyle compressors as they run quietly and efficiently in supermarkets, hotels, production plants of all types and board rooms all over the world.

Carrier - Carlyle - Totaline Benefits

One of the benefits in utilizing this brand of screw compressor is that it has a sealed cavity which serves to reduce loads. There is a unique bearing design that has proven to be dependable and it also complements its continuous unloading. The quiet shutdown is made possible by an integrated check valve. There is also a flexibility that comes with using a Carrier Carlyle screw compressor.

The team of trained technicians at City Compressors have extensive experience remanufacturing Carrier - Carlyle - Totaline screw compressors. In the remanufacturing process, there is no need for high-torque motors that typically carry a hefty price tag. This means the customer pays a cheaper cost. The automatic unloading starting convenience of a Carrier - Carlyle - Totaline screw compressor is also guaranteed in addition to the efficiency of the crankcase. There are several models of screw compressors from Carrier - Carlyle - Totaline available at City Compressors. All those screw compressor models include the following:

Screw compressor technology has been around since the 1930s, but there has also been an evolution. Carrier - Carlyle - Totaline has managed to stay ahead of the curve by providing compressors that are reliable and efficient. The company continues to maintain a high standard when it comes to assembling top-of-the-line compressors.

Carrier - Carlyle - Totaline has been conducting business for more than 80 years and had a major role in developing modern compressors. There has also been an emphasis on the use of refrigerants that are environmentally safe. City Compressors is ready to provide your business with a Carrier - Carlyle - Totaline screw compressor that offers reliability, affordability and top-notch performance for years to come.

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