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Our Process

Follow our total remanufacturing process from start to finish

Video Overview
1 Disassembly
2 Cleaning
3 Requalification
4 Stocking
5 Motor
6 Assembly
7 Testing
8 Finishing

Overview Video


Complete disassembly and preparation of parts

City Compressor - partially disassembled compressor
  • Each compressor is completely broken down into its component parts
  • Parts prepped for cleaning


Multi-stage cleaning process of all components

City Compressor - sandblasted compressor bodies
  • Ultrasonic degreasing
  • Vibratory surface conditioning
  • Thermal grease and oil burn off
  • Shot blasting – steel and glass bead
  • Parts resurfacing, grinding, lapping, polishing, and sanding
  • Pressure washing and heated detergent
  • Rust inhibiting


Total component requalification

City Compressor - parts being measured to be requalified
  • Visual inspection of each component
  • Gaging to specifications
  • Machining cylinders to specifications


Strategic stocking of components

City Compressor - compressor gasket stock City Compressor - stocked parts organized in drawers City Compressor - stocked crankshafts
  • Buffer stock for quick assembly and delivery
  • Large spare parts inventory

Motor Department

Motor assembly and testing

City Compressor - motor being hand assembled City Compressor - motor assembly City Compressor - motor electrical testing
  • Full service motor remanufacturing department
  • Strip and clean all stators that do not pass requalification testing
  • Stators are core loss tested
  • New coils wound, installed in a requalified stator, connected for desired voltage
  • Newly wound stators are stringently tested prior to varnishing and baking


Compressor assembly and quality control

City Compressor - crankshaft going into compressor City Compressor - compressor being assembled by hand City Compressor - motor going into compressor City Compressor - compressors ready for assembly
  • Flexible final assembly line for quicker delivery
  • All parts are again quality checked
  • Five Q.C. stations on assembly line


Final unit testing

City Compressor - submerged compressor leak test City Compressor - partially submerged compressor undergoing leak test City Compressor - finished compressor undergoing ground testing City Compressor - compressor hooked up and being tested City Compressor - full load compressor testing
  • Pressurized submersion leak test
  • Electrical ground fault testing
  • Hi-Pot testing
  • Full load compressor run testing
  • Evacuation and dry nitrogen holding charge


Painting and packaging

City Compressor - painting a compressor according to OEM specifications City Compressor - compressors stocked on shelves in warehouse
  • Spray painting with OEM-matched oil-based enamel color
  • Gasket kits, labeling, and instructions provided with each unit
  • Final quality checks made before being boxed for shipment
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