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2D 3D 4D 6D 8D 4R 6R 9R
2D 0300 3D 0600 4D 1000 6D 2000 8D 5000 4R 1000 6R 1000 9R 1000
2D 0400 3D 0750 4D 1500 6D 2700 8D 6000 4R 1500 6R 2000 9R 1500
2D 0500 3D 0900 4D 2000 6D 3000 4R 2000 6R 2500
2D 0750 3D 1000 4D 2200 6D 3500 4R 2500 6R 3000
3D 1200 4D 2500 6D 4000 4R 3000 6R 3500
3D 1500 4D 3000 6R 4000

Refrigeration and HVAC systems have come to rely a great deal on Copeland compressors. The Copeland brand has been manufacturing compressors for the last century and has maintained a renowned status in the industry. Copeland compressors are reliable and have also become a mainstay in refrigeration.

Reciprocating Semi-Hermetic Compressor Benefits

Electronic Benefits

Copeland Tandem Option:

Two compressors of equal displacement are assembled on two U-type rails. Compared to a single compressor arrangement, this results in doubled cooling capacity and enhanced part load capability.

Copeland’s improved reliability:

All compressors are designed to provide the best reliability possible. Key features are:

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