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HVAC Compressors

City Compressor provides a large selection of HVAC compressors that are affordably priced. Our trained team of professionals specializes in rebuilding compressors, which is a more affordable solution that offers the same sense of reliability. City Compressor offers different types of HVAC compressors which extend to semi-hermetic, screw and scroll varieties.

Compressors serve an integral function in the process of air conditioning. HVAC compressors need to be reliable in order to provide optimum conditions throughout the year. Climate control involves a lot of moving parts and that also involves a lot of choices when it comes to HVAC compressors, including the following:

City Compressor has a detailed process when it comes to remanufacturing compressors. That process begins with the disassembly and then is followed by cleaning, requalification and stocking of the integral parts. The motor and remanufacture assembly steps follow. Our team is always sure to put every compressor through a three-step quality control test prior to painting each and every HVAC compressor. The end result is a remanufactured compressor that functions and is as reliable as new unit.

Our surplus of HVAC compressors is extensive enough to meet the demands of each customer. For example, some HVAC systems require larger capacities while others have to cool a more limited amount of space. There are also some HVAC compressors with higher discharge rates than others. There is a lot to consider and that is why it is extremely valuable to speak with one of the experienced professionals at City Compressor before making a purchase. We will walk you through your options and recommend the HVAC compressor that is right for your system.

Compressor Failures:

Two of the most common causes for HVAC/refrigeration compressor failures are burnouts and contamination. Improper and/or incomplete maintenance on your HVAC/refrigeration unit can cause the compressor to falter. When you have determined that you are need of a new HVAC/refrigeration compressor, it is cost efficient to choose a replacement from a business that specializes in the remanufacturing of HVAC/refrigeration compressors. While one may think that replacement of the compressor will solve the problem, we find most compressors failures actually come from system related problems. We have compressors still running in the field for over 40 years, but these systems are impeccably maintained. It is rare that a compressor fails by itself without external causes.

City Compressor minimizes downtime because we carry all the parts and accessories needed to do small repairs of our compressors in the field. This also means meeting the exact OEM specifications to ensure top quality in every remanufactured compressor we produce. Our remanufactured compressors operate just as a new-factory one would function and have the same reliability. We provide the HVAC compressors from the top manufacturers, including Trane, Carrier, York and Copeland.

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