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Refrigeration Compressors

Refrigeration compressors are not guaranteed to last forever and that means that sooner or later, there will be a need for replacement. When that time comes, contact the team of trained professionals at City Compressor. Providing service to the entire Charlotte area region, USA and the world, City Compressor can match you with the right refrigeration compressor of your choice.

The remanufacturing of refrigeration compressors involve compressors from a number of manufacturers. Our refrigeration compressor remanufacturing includes different kinds of compressors. Our team of technicians has the ability to identify the root causes of compressor failure. Our refrigeration compressor remanufacturing process features the following:

When a refrigeration compressor fails, time is of the essence. At City Compressor, we have the inventory of compressors and parts. We also have the expertise to provide a quick fix. Our refrigeration compressor remanufactures are done in a minimal amount of time as customers are often amazed at how quickly and thoroughly we can complete this process. The following types of refrigeration compressors are all remanufactured by City Compressor:

Refrigeration compressors are the heart of the refrigeration process, which is vital to many businesses and companies. Compressors that work around the clock experience a lot of use and begin to show signs of wear over the course of time. When these compressors start to break down, it is our goal to readily provide a product that is comparable to new ones. This is also a more affordable alternative that will save businesses a great deal of money.

Refrigeration compressors contain parts that are extremely sensitive and require the right amount of lubrication. Understanding how all that works is essential to the compressor remanufacturing process. The cooling cycle which utilizes refrigerant compressors serves many industries. The job of the compressor is to serve as a pump which then performs the act of circulating refrigerant. Once the refrigerant passes through the compressor in a gas form, it then travels into the condenser. This continues the cooling process and it cannot continue without a functioning compressor.

Refrigerant compressor remanufactures are a specialty at City Compressor as there is no job too large for us to handle. Our team remanufactures compressors through a detailed process that focuses on several key steps on the way to providing customers with refrigerant compressors that are as good as new.

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