Dispelling the Myth of New Semi-Hermetic Compressors

Semi Hermetic Compressors Myths

Those in the market for a new semi-hermetic compressor have options, but they may be less abundant than consumers tend to realize. Compressor remanufacturing has become big business and is also the norm. That has led to the term OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) taking on new meaning.

When it comes to compressors, OEMs remanufacture their semi-hermetic compressors. It is the same process used here at City Compressors. The lone exception is Carrier/Carlyle, which do feature brand new semi-hermetic compressors that are included on new package units. However, there are ample reasons as to why remanufacturing has become the norm for semi-hermetic compressors.

There are many common issues with semi-hermetic compressors as they are prone to oil leakage, inadequate levels of coolant, overheating, contaminants, and improper setting of valves. It is difficult to avoid some of these issues, especially ones where outside contaminants infiltrate the system and flood the compressor. While not all these problems cause an immediate shutdown, they can take a toll over periods of and reduce performance.

To the untrained eye, it remains difficult to detect subtle problems with a semi-hermetic compressor. As these systems have grown, all the components have become more complex, making it more difficult to identify smaller issues. But not all those issues are going to cause the compressors to cease. Some minor issues may simply bring about the need for troubleshooting. This is where the remanufacturing process becomes more financially viable.

The benefits of remanufacturing also generate much less downtime. A full replacement would mean more time lost. Companies, such as City Compressor, have all the necessary parts to provide a customized rebuild. Furthermore, the process is able to remain the same as semi-hermetic compressors are not undergoing wholesale changes. That is also a financially reassuring notion for business owners.

It is never out with the old and in with the new when it comes to semi-hermetic compressors. New is a relative term in this industry, one that has led to common misconceptions. Semi-hermetic compressors can continually be serviced, making them a very unique item. It is a rarity in the modern age that such a powerful and widely-used contraption can be upgraded, fixed, and adjusted over long stretches of time.

This gives credence to the marvels of the remanufacturing process and has made the term OEM a bit obsolete when shopping for semi-hermetic compressors. City Compressors can provide a remanufactured semi-hermetic compressor that will work as good as any you will find on the market.

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